Best Subjects to Teach in High School

Posted on April 28, 2016 at 11:58 am

Teaching in high school is a demanding job, and depending on what subject you’re teaching, it could be even more so. Subjects aren’t necessarily equal in terms of the demands for marking students’ work, teacher pay, difficulty, or importance.

Usually, the better-paying subjects to get involved in are the ones which, if you don’t end up as a teacher, you would receive a relatively high wage anyway. As you would need a relevant math-based degree in order to teach maths at the high school level, that same math degree can be used to get a very well paid job outside of the education system, and so schools need to offer a better wage to attract enough teachers. This same principle is played out in most of the sciences as well, such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Some subjects also tend to leave teachers with a lot more work. It can be a lot more difficult to mark an English paper than a piece of math homework, for instance.

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