What Makes you a Great Teacher?

Posted on December 27, 2017 at 5:44 pm

Everyone has their bad days, in all careers and in all walks of life. Teachers are no exception. It’s an incredibly tough job and it is not a line of work to be sniffed at. Here are some of the reasons you are a great teacher – remember these the next time you are feeling stressed or tired:

  • You are kind and compassionate. As a teacher, you must be a caring person who wants to help others. You are kind enough to make a serious commitment to the success of others.
  • You are so hardworking. Few careers require as much work as a teacher puts in. Remember just how hard you work (and remember to take a break as well!)
  • You are intelligent. You have to retain a lot of information to be able to teach children properly. The knowledge you have will be a lot compared to the knowledge required for other careers.

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