Getting Promoted to Head of Department

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 10:11 pm

Moving up the ranks as a teacher is the ambition of most NQTs. It shows you are succeeding in your role, you’re making progress, and you have the option of earning more money. It’s always good to be ambitious, especially in a highly competitive field like teaching, and having a sensible balance between hard work and motivation is a sensible approach.

Becoming a head of your department is the ultimate aim of most teachers. It’s the highest you can go without becoming senior management level. The process of becoming a head of department will differ in each school. Find out the process in your current school and ask if there are any expectations that precede it, like being head of house or holding a pastoral position within the school. Speak to other teachers too and find out how they reached their position, what path they took and how long it took them.

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