Now Eton is Providing Online Tuition

Posted on June 22, 2015 at 10:10 am

Eton, the famous independent boarding school for boys in Berkshire, England, has just recently announced that they will begin to provide online tuition to students from China. This will be done through a partnership with a number of schools in China, with the aim being to teach them a “modern leadership programme”, which will teach the students a number of skills they won’t get through the standard Chinese education programme.

They have said that the cost will be £700, and the programme will be supplementing their existing education, like after school tutoring – but online and with some of the best educators in the world. The funds raised from this will in turn be used to pay for bursaries for student’s education.

One of the reasons why Eton has decided to do this was apparently to avoid needing to set up an overseas franchise, which in the view of a director at Eton could end up damaging their brand (and cost a lot of money).

Their choice to do this is on the back of a number of universities and colleges, some of the best in the world, announcing that they would also be setting up franchises and/or online courses so that people from around the world could benefit. While many other educational institutes have announced similar schemes as Eton, they are the first well-known school to do so, i.e not a university of college.

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