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Dealing With Stress as a Teacher

Posted on July 16, 2015 at 10:10 am

When working as a teacher, it is very important that you find a positive outlet and way of dealing with stress. Any teacher which fails in this area will end up seeing the stress they’re holding onto affecting the students in their classroom, which can definitely be looked at as a negative.

To deal with stress, we have various stress management strategies which can help you on a day to day, situation to situation basis. For instance, you can use your mind to reframe problems, or shift your perspective to turn a negative into a positive. Focussing on the positive, or lowering the standards you expect from others can all be seen as part of the same strategy.

Another important thing for teachers to do is to place clear limits on what behaviours you are prepared to accept from students in your classroom. This means that you will have a clear understanding of when exactly you need to say no, so that you hopefully won’t just bottle up all of your stress until you explode.

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