The Accomplishments of Religious Schools

Posted on August 22, 2015 at 10:11 am

Religious schools are a pretty controversial subject, with fears surrounding most of them that they are forcing their own religious dogma on their students. In some cases this has been shown to be the case, like with Islamic schools in the UK most recently, and in the past a lot of Catholic schools were also very religious. Even though this is the case, the successes of religious schools are without doubt.

Catholic schools are some of the most successful schools in the USA, outperforming the majority of public schools and a fair number of private ones too. This goes a long way to show how religious schools can be successful.

So how have they accomplished this? Well some argue that it is because of the high level of structure and discipline that you find in religious schools. You find that the level of discipline in these schools tend to be higher than others. Others suggest that the reason behind their success is because of how motivated they are to succeed, as a religious school doubles as an opportunity for them to get more devotees.

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