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Coding is Becoming a Big Part of Early Stage Education

Posted on February 28, 2016 at 4:55 pm

The economy has made massive shifts since 50 years ago. in 2016, the global economy depends more upon computers and related industries than at any previous point, and therefore you can quite easily say that the amount of opportunities available in the industry has increased in line with that change as well. In fact, this increasing dependence and shift towards working on the internet, in the games industry, or in computers, means that the opportunities are likely to only increase in these areas, and the education apparatus needs to be set to respond.

The education systems around the world have been accused of being slow to react to the changes in the economic environment, and not adequately preparing their students. In no area is this more true than with education about computers, but this is set to change. Around the world we are seeing more and more schemes coming to fore that promise to start teaching their students, as young as possible, in the world of coding.

A lot of parents are quite worried about when and where their children are first exposed to coding, as they feel it might be too abstract. This is why teachers everywhere need to ensure that they come up with lesson plans that make coding a very relatable subject, so that the shift from normal lessons to this isn’t too big.

A big part of teaching young children about computers and coding is training their minds to think in a different way. Part of this can be accomplished by using slimmed down versions of computer code, and then coming up with fun and inventive ways for them to implement their code to achieve something for themselves.

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