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Study from MIT Shows us that Allowing Digital Devices into the Classroom Harms Results

Posted on May 19, 2016 at 3:07 pm

A study was recently conducted by MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, into the effects devices like Ipads and Laptops and access to the internet, have on the results students get in the classroom, which shows the general trend of worse results among students who use them in the classroom.

In the study, 726 undergraduates were split into three different groups randomly; one acting as the control with no access to devices, another one where they were allowed unrestricted access to them, and finally one where there was restricted access. The study took place in the West Point naval academy in the USA, where student ranking is determined mostly by exam results and competition is purposely kept at a very high level, so people were very motivated to succeed and ignore distractions. (more…)

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