How to Use Teacher Training in Other Fields

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 11:50 pm

Teaching is a valuable skill to have and it doesn’t just have to be relevant in the classroom. As a trained teacher, you have lots of options when considering a career change. There are specific, unique skills you learn as a teacher that will be very desirable and will stand you in good stead within the private job market.

If you can control a class full of rowdy, screaming children, you are going to be able to control and manage people in the workplace, most of whom might even actually want to be there! People will really value the disciplinary skills you have learnt and will be glad to take you on in a management role.

Other organisation will recognise your ability to teach and will be glad to have you in their training or education departments. You could end up working in fields like staff training, or perhaps in an outreach programme.

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