Headteachers – Are Their Roles Similar to Teachers?

Posted on May 16, 2018 at 10:20 pm

Headteachers take on a unique role within a school or academy, managing its day to day running as well as managing members of staff. They will also have responsibilities to do with budgets and curriculums, making their role very academic and management heavy. This differs quite substantially to the role of a classroom teacher.

Most headteachers will have started out as teachers. It is usually a requirements that they are able to teach lessons and have a good understanding of education, in a way that only a teacher can. This gives the person a unique insight into the way children learn, and helps them to develop behaviour policies and overall standards within the school.

Whilst most headteachers will come from a teaching background, they will often have other qualifications as well. A teacher who is keen to become the head of a school might take an MA in education, or an additional management qualification.

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